IEBCA Organizational Chart

  Volunteers do not get paid. Not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.

The life of IEBCA is not possible without sacrifices made by volunteers. IEBCA operation is organized into 2 distinctive functions.

1. Strategic and Governing Body: Is the board of directors which is responsible to provide overall strategic direction, guidance and controls.

General assembly meeting (AGM) is held once a year (in October) where the current Board provides financial and operational report to its members and members elect a new Board of Directors for one more year.

Board of directors elect a Chair, Vic–Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and each take a committees Chair responsibility. The roles and responsibilities of the BOD as well as the role of the executive team is defined and reviewed annually by the board of directors.

Board of Directors: Board of directors consists of the following people.


2.   Execution Team:  Are members volunteering their time to hold positions and responsibilities in committees.  Committees directors and members are selected based on BOD decision. The committees are as follows:

- Member Services: This committee is responsible for the matters related to membership application, members registration, mailing list, and newsletter distribution.  

- Public Relations: This committee relates to the policies of IEBCA in associating with other groups, inviting individual speakers, etc.  

- Finance: This committee is responsible for financial matters related to IEBCA.  

- Operations: This committee includes operations of technical and social events, location, timing, smoothness of the events, etc.  

- Communications: This committee includes the publications of IEBCA containing website, newsletters, emails and social media channels.  

IEBCA Organizational Chart
IEBCA Org Chart